Emily Williams, I Heart My Life

Working with Jamie has been an incredible experience. She makes social media easy for us. The on-boarding was very smooth and organized, Jamie was sweet, great to work with and so professional. There was never stress in trying to get the content right or waiting long periods for her to respond back to emails. We’re grateful to have found a social media manager who understood our brand, voice, style, pace and was their to support us in growing our audience and engagement.

Nancy, Sweet Girl Cookies

I first started working with outlier marketing group about a year and a half ago to handle all of our social media marketing.  Little did I know at that time how much more they would be able to provide to help us grow our business!

Jamie has become a trusted adviser to us in more than just social media marketing.  With her critical eye on the customer experience and Jesse’s technology expertise we were able to relaunch our website and saw an immediate increase in sales.

I appreciate how the whole team is invested in our success! Nancy Sweet Girl Cookies

Robyn Kennedy, NanoSteel

Outlier Marketing Group exceeded our expectations with their expertise and social media prowess. Jamie and her team were efficient, dedicated and great to work with. Outlier Marketing Group really felt like an extension of our team throughout our entire project. We look forward  to working together our next project.

Heidi Easley

Update on my big launch!   My goal was 50 people from Sept – Dec 31st. I just hit 51 yesterday!!!!

I’m SO FREAKING excited because my 50th was a COLD lead from FB Ads. She went through the funnel Jamie helped me set up and then the up sell to $7 ebook and then to my $87 Online Course!

So…. the cold lead worked all in one day!!!! This is huge and exciting for me!

Can’t wait to do this again and again in 2018!   

Jamie – You are amazing with always responding and helping me by taking over the ads!   It makes my brain hurt thinking about them, and you take all the pressure off!  

Thank you Jamie for all your straight to the point action steps and can’t wait to see what we do in 2018!

EJ Water Cooperative, Inc.

“Outlier Marketing Group has helped us to gain social media presence and connect with our members. Jamie and her staff have continually stayed in contact with us to gain insight on what we are doing and how we can engage our members. They provide unique ideas and constant vigilance which helps us to deliver great customer service. We truly enjoy working with them.” EJ Water Cooperative, Inc.

Erin Madore

This is not an exaggeration: Jamie Palmer is one of the main reasons I have been so successful starting my own business. I hired Jamie as my business coach when I was still in the brainstorming phase of creating my own business and she has helped me clarify my goals, better understand my strength, realize my areas for improvements and most importantly how to improve. She has been a sounding board, an inspiration, a support system and is a truly wonderful person to work with. Jamie is a great business coach – friendly but professional, supportive but encouraging, honest and above all she knows her shit!! Seriously – she isn’t just going to give you fluff – she is going to help you strategize, plan, organize, prioritize and all the other things that are crucial to creating a successful business. I owe Jamie a lot and appreciate all of her time and energy over the last year! She is worth it and so are you and your ideas too!

Pete Spinella

I met Jaime a few years back when she was a sub-contractor for a marketing firm.  It very apparent that her qualifications exceeded the position she was in.  As we worked together it she was mindful in the goal I had set and provided all the tools to reach it.  A few years later after interviewing numerous companies to rebrand and get some digital marketing in line.  I called her and asked if she would be interested.  She set an upfront price that was very fair, with realistic goals.  The product was so good I then used her again for another one of my business.  Right now she is my go to referral resource for anyone looking for digital marketing.  

I have been working with Jamie for a few years now, she has rebranded my companies and handles all the digital marketing.  I routinely recommend her to friends and family.

Jamie is a true market leader and her ideas are always at the tip of the spear.  She is always on time and constantly over delivers.  It is without hesitation that I trust my projects to her.

Staci Friedman, Mindshift Mama

Working with The Outlier Marketing Group has been one of the best decisions I did as an Entrepreneur. They have taken what was an idea and cultivated it into reality. Brand strategy, content creation, developing my specific sales funnel etc. Effective and efficient. I get better results and clearer path/steps to take with my business each and every time I work with Jamie on an ideation, a project, launch or overall business strategy.

Emma, Owner, Art of Podcast

Jamie’s knowledge on how to optimize your Instagram and build a loyal audience is outstanding! I only started my Instagram account a month ago and was skeptical whether I would get any traction within my niche (which is podcast production). I now have an account with over 1,300 engaged followers already. Not only that I have begun receiving enquiries about my podcast editing services via Instagram! Thank you Jamie, you’ve given me the tools to create a professional looking profile and the confidence to engage with my ideal client on Instagram! Emma, Owner Art of Podcast: http://artofpodcast.com

Cara Mendez

Jamie knows her shit. Every time, she knows what strategy will work. And she knows all the tips, tricks and secrets for sales funnels, FB Ads (aka the pixel) and Instagram.

I feel so much more confident taking action after I watch her Outlier U videos or chat with her during office hours. That personalized support is EVERYTHING for a business owner like myself. I have limited work hours with 5 kids and homeschooling so I need to know that when I spend time on something, it’s gonna work. When I follow Jamie’s 1:1 support, I can trust that I’m taking the right next step. No more feeling like,  “What the hell am I doing?”

And she get’s me. She’s a mompreneur too. It’s crucial for me to work with a coach that understands my lifestyle like Jamie does. She’s all about keeping it simple.

Since working with Jamie, I confidently set up my first opt-in, sales funnel, membership site and I’m about to launch my first FB Ad campaign.

Cindy Childress

When I took Jamie’s course, my business’s offerings were a mess. I wasted at least an hour writing every proposal for my content writing service, and I knew that was holding me back. Her course made identifying what my core audience wants and how to break it down to suit them very clear. In just a few days, I had packages I am happy with. She also had great ideas for other things I can do to expand my services. I am so glad that I worked with her! She helped me nurture my dreams.